May Marvels: Exploring the future and Celebrating Visionary Artists

May Marvels: Exploring the future and Celebrating Visionary Artists

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Reclaiming Power through Performance Art, Confronting Abuse, and Inspiring Healing

In a deeply powerful and courageous act, multidisciplinary artist ETTE has reclaimed her power from the devastating effects of rape and abuse. In her groundbreaking performance art piece titled "Whistle Blower," ETTE fearlessly exposed the name of her rapist and abuser. This extraordinary show, co-produced by celebrity stylist and media personality Derek Warburton, also featured his brave account of abuse.

The name revealed was that of Harif Guzman, a renowned Venezuelan artist recognized for his international exhibitions and collaborations with esteemed brands like Ralph Lauren and Volcom. Shockingly, Guzman had reportedly preyed upon young female artists, including ETTE, who had already endured childhood abuse by other predators.

For ETTE, "Whistle Blower" became a transformative journey of reclaiming her life and her voice. Drawing upon her shamanic abilities and channeling guidance from her beloved grandmother, ETTE found inspiration to express her trauma through art. As a published poet and internationally-exhibited painter, her talent and resilience know no bounds.

May's newsletter celebrates the resilience and artistic prowess of ETTE, reminding us of the power of creativity to transcend trauma and ignite change. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and thought-provoking content in this month's issue.

Unveiling the Vision on Creator Corner Podcast

Creator Spotlight: Vic Sandifer | @runtheworldvic

In an engaging and insightful episode of the Creator Corner podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing Victor Sandifer, the CEO and Creative Director of Run The World Clothing. Hosted by the talented Dalia Zaragoza and Mary Figueroa, this conversation took us on a journey through Victor's creative endeavors and the profound impact of Run The World Clothing.

From the get-go, Dalia and Mary skillfully guided the conversation, inviting Victor to share his story and shed light on the inspiration behind his brand. As the CEO and Creative Director of Run The World Clothing, Victor's passion for empowering the Black community and his commitment to showcasing Black history, culture, and radical thought shone through...


...With warmth and curiosity, the hosts delved into the challenges Victor faced and the evolution of the brand, especially in light of the pandemic. Victor candidly shared the transformative experiences that shaped him as a creator and the resilience it took to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the fashion industry.

Dalia and Mary skillfully explored the intentionality behind creating a brand with a mission to uplift the Black community, delving into the creative process behind designing the iconic Run The World Clothing logo. Through their thoughtful questioning, they unearthed the essence of Run The World Clothing and how it intertwines with Victor's personal journey and vision.

In the latter part of the interview, Victor graciously imparted advice to aspiring fashion designers, offering valuable insights on creating a brand rooted in purpose and community upliftment. He also provided a sneak peek into Run The World Clothing's exciting upcoming projects, leaving listeners eager to witness the brand's future endeavors.

It was a truly inspiring episode that celebrated the power of fashion to drive social change and empower marginalized communities. The Creator Corner podcast, hosted by Dalia Zaragoza and Mary Figueroa, continues to be a platform that amplifies the voices of creative visionaries like Victor Sandifer.

Stay connected with Dalia, Mary, and the Creator Corner podcast to tune in and catch this enlightening conversation that explores the intersection of creativity, empowerment, and community upliftment. Don't miss the opportunity to be inspired by Victor's journey and the transformative impact of Run The World Clothing.

Subscribe to the Creator Corner podcast for more captivating interviews and insights from the world of creativity. Let's continue to celebrate and support the visionary creators who are shaping our cultural landscape.

What's the buzz with WEB3?

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce chimes in...

Attention all knowledge seekers and forward-thinkers! The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Visual Conductor and The Web3 Experience, presents an unparalleled opportunity to dive into the extraordinary world of Web3. It's time to unveil the possibilities and explore the future of the digital landscape with our interactive webinar series: Web3.0 Beyond the Hype.

From June 12th to July 31st, 2023, you have the chance to join a cutting-edge curriculum that will open your mind to the transformative power of Web3. Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking new avenues for success, an artist eager to unleash your creativity, or an individual simply curious about the future of technology, this webinar series is designed for you.

Led by the visionary Wendy Hu, Founder and Creative Director of Visual Conductor, and the passionate Muhammed Eid, CEO of The Web3 Experience, this immersive journey will empower you with invaluable...

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...insights and practical knowledge. With their expertise and dynamic teaching styles, Wendy and Muhammed will guide you through each session, leaving you with a deep understanding of the subject matter.

But the clock is ticking! Registration for this groundbreaking series is closing soon. Secure your spot now and gain access to an array of fascinating topics, including an introduction to Web3, blockchain technology, the importance of cryptocurrencies, the world of NFTs, and the future innovations of the Metaverse. Each class will be an enlightening 1-2 hours, packed with engaging content and real-world applications.

Plus, as a special bonus, attendees who purchase and complete the full Web3 curriculum (all 6 classes) will receive a coveted POAP Certificate. This exclusive membership unlocks a world of community events and incentives, providing you with even more opportunities to thrive in the Web3 space.

Now is the time to take charge of your future and be part of the digital revolution. Seize this chance to collaborate with global entrepreneurs, become a savvy blockchain investor, unleash your creative potential in the Metaverse, or transform your artwork into an NFT.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your horizons and shape the future. Register today and secure your place in the Web3.0 Beyond the Hype webinar series. But hurry, time is running out!

Join us as we embark on a journey that will revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with the digital world. The possibilities are limitless, and the time to embrace Web3 is now. We can't wait to see you there, ready to unlock the infinite potential of Web3!

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In this episode of Creator Corner, we feature Emily Carrig (@truestarsnft), an artist and NFT researcher with a background in art history and painting. Emily talks about her journey from being an artist to exploring emerging web3 technologies and becoming interested in NFTs. She discusses her work with True Stars, a web3 brand that creates quality art NFTs, fine jewelry, and creative storytelling to inspire people to be their true selves in the metaverse and beyond. Emily also shares her thoughts on the intersection of jewelry and NFTs, her collaborations, and the True Star's vision for the future. The episode ends with Emily giving advice to young creators and telling viewers how they can support her work.
The Crew gets into this week! First, we discuss how the ACC is a dead man walking, so what’s next for Miami, Clemson, and FSU (Hint: SEC! SEC! SEC!) Next, we look at whether it really matters where you go to school as a Top QB recruit. Warning: AJ throws flames at Georgia recruits (hater alert!)
RIP Metaverse, we hardly knew ye
Mark Zuckerberg spent years trying to make the Metaverse happen, but now it has been replaced by AI and is headed to the tech industry idea graveyard.

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