Volume 1 | Issue 1

Volume 1 | Issue 1

First off, everyone always ask how “aourz” is pronounced. You can say “ours” because this is a community for creators by creators. Now, some exciting news from aourz network!

Our team is thrilled to share updates on our media productions, as well as new developments in the community. This month, we are shining a spotlight on Courtney Bledsoe & Jocelyn Chia, hosts of the Love, Sex & Money Podcast.

We are also excited to have equalshuman, a cutting-edge fashion brand exploring the intersection of culture and technology, supporting us as a sponsor.

equalshuman x licataBEAN

sponsored by equalshuman.com, a female co-founded eco-friendly fashion brand catering to those who want to look dope without fear their wardrobe isn't harming our environment.

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Creator's Spotlight

Love, Sex & Money | Jocelyn Chia and Courtney Bee

Courtney Bee is a star on the New York City comedy scene. With her rich experiences developed in her hometown of Detroit Michigan, her hilarious wit, aggressive punch lines and every day observations keep audiences laughing and entertained around the country.

Courtney can be seen as the newest cast member on the 18th season of MTV’s Wild N’ Out and is featured on HBOMax on the “That Damn Michael Che” show. Having been featured in national commercials and campaigns, Courtney is a rising comedic presence ready for her next big opportunity.

Jocelyn Chia is a lawyer turned comedian originally from Singapore. She is a regular at most of the New York City comedy clubs including the Comedy Cellar, Gotham and Carolines, and has been featured in Vulture, Vice, Her World, South China Morning Post, and cnbc.com. She has also been named one of Singapore’s top comedians by Best in Singapore. She has been a guest comedian on the Howard Stern Channel of Sirius XM, and a guest host on MTV. She made her standup television debut on AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, hosted by William Shatner.

Popular TV comedians Jocelyn Chia (Comedy Central) and Courtney Bledsoe (MTV) are excited to introduce their podcast exploring the 3 most popular topics to gossip about amongst friends.

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