Giving Thanks & Giving Back: Our November Edition

Giving Thanks & Giving Back: Our November Edition

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Small Business Sunday Market

In the spirit of supporting small businesses, the Bowery Showroom is now hosting ‘Small Business Sunday Markets’ in the showroom every Sunday throughout November and December.

Join us on Sunday, Dec 3 for our second Small Business Sunday Market featuring @equalshuman_movement @sunnytigerbakery@unrecognizedstars_ Shop snacks, one of one pieces, accessories, sets, hoodies, sweaters, and more!

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a Jolly Thanksgiving indeed!

a Glimpse of our thanksgiving celebration

In the heart of Harlem, our Thanksgiving celebration brought friends, old and new, together to share the spirit of gratitude. Over a hundred attendees filled the day with laughter and meaningful contributions. Donations of gently used clothing poured in, symbolizing warmth and hope for those in need.

The clothing donations were the heart of the event, showcasing how fashion can be a force for compassion and sustainability. As the sun set, the festivities continued with a Thanksgiving feast that celebrated both tradition and diversity. Attendees' generosity and commitment to giving back made this event truly memorable.

To the more than one hundred attendees, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Your presence and dedication to our community have shown that when we come together with love and purpose, we can fashion a brighter and more compassionate future. Stay tuned for more celebrations of giving and sustainability, and join us in making a positive impact. Thank you for being part of our journey.

The State of Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

A Collective Effort for us all

The fashion industry, known for its creativity and trends, also bears the responsibility of being a major contributor to global environmental issues. It's a stark reality that the fashion sector accounts for approximately 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions, leaving a considerable carbon footprint. Moreover, the production of clothing and textiles involves significant water and energy consumption and generates vast amounts of waste. The environmental impact of fashion has escalated over the last two centuries, primarily due to faster manufacturing, advanced technologies, and higher consumption rates.

Fast fashion, characterized by mass production and low-cost garments, plays a significant role in the industry's environmental impact. It heavily relies on synthetic materials, derived from non-renewable resources, and often takes centuries to decompose. Furthermore, the fast fashion culture encourages consumers to buy more clothes than they need, fostering a culture of disposability and waste.

However, the fashion industry is not standing idly by. Many brands are now adopting sustainable practices to mitigate their environmental impact. Some utilize recycled materials to craft new garments, while others design versatile clothing to reduce waste. Additionally, consumers play a crucial role in promoting sustainability. By opting for clothing made from sustainable materials, supporting brands committed to fair labor practices, and recycling or donating garments instead of discarding them, individuals contribute to lessening the fashion industry's environmental burden.

In conclusion, addressing the fashion industry's environmental impact is a complex challenge that necessitates collaborative action from both brands and consumers. By embracing sustainable practices, we can collectively reduce the industry's carbon footprint, protect our planet, and fashion a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Old Clothes, New Life!

Have a piece of clothing you love but wish it had that extra touch of uniqueness? Let us transform it into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece tailored just for you. Embrace your style and explore the endless possibilities of fashion with equalshumans.

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This month's hottest drops!

The Crew breaks down an insane rivalry week. From Bama’s season-saving final play to Michigan spanking the Buckeyes for the 3rd straight year. The crew also chats about the coaching carousel and who might leave their schools next. Tune in and listen!

Join us in this lively episode as we welcome the creative duo behind BabesOnCamera Productions, Tyler Cino Maradiaga, and Spencer Simpson. These talented individuals, a filmmaker, and a comedian, respectively, share their journey from the Bay Area to the vibrant creative hub of New York City. Learn how their passion for storytelling and social justice led to the founding of BabesOnCamera Productions, where they use drama, comedy, and fantastical genres to explore identity and social issues. Tyler and Spencer open up about their creative processes, the challenges of financing projects, and their hopes to inspire change through laughter and thought-provoking content. Get ready for a dose of humor and inspiration in this entertaining and insightful episode.

Harlem Socks

We're excited to announce that all proceeds from the purchase of these stylish socks will go directly to equalhumans's charitable efforts. Your support will make a real impact in our community, helping us continue our mission of empowering individuals and fostering positive change. Step up your style while stepping up for a great cause. Get your Harlem Socks today and be a part of something truly meaningful!

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Look ahead

a glimpse of what's ahead…

Upcoming Events

Here are some upcoming events that we'll be attending. Hope to see you there!

Undergraduate and Graduate Internship Program Online Information Session
Online information sessions and Q and A for undergraduate and graduate students to learn about the Summer 2024 internship program and application process.
Modern Investor Summit 2023
Join Finimize at the world’s leading finance event for retail investors, presented by CFA Institute - with keynotes Ray Dalio & Jamie Dimon.
ONLINE: Create Indian Arts
Eventbrite - Di, Founder of Dots & Lines presents ONLINE: Create Indian Arts - Monday, December 4, 2023 - Find event and ticket information.
Special Art Sundays - Virtual art classes for people with special needs
A free and inclusive virtual art class for people with special needs. Classes will be held on second Sundays of the month from 1-2PM PST.
Christmas Cards for Complicated Relationships
Join us for a creative therapy workshop online.

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