April Adventures: Spring, NFTS, Sustainability & More

April Adventures: Spring, NFTS, Sustainability & More

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Old Clothes, New Life!

Have a piece of clothing you love but wish it had that extra touch of uniqueness? Let us transform it into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece tailored just for you. Embrace your style and explore the endless possibilities of fashion with equalshumans.

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Dearest Mother Nature,

a letter from us all

Dear Mother Nature,

As the gentle breeze whispers through the leaves and the sun dances upon the earth, we find ourselves humbly reaching out to you, our nurturing Mother Nature. With hearts brimming with gratitude and respect, we at equalshuman extend our deepest reverence to you, the guardian of all life.

In our journey to create, we tread lightly upon your sacred grounds, mindful of every step we take. From the seeds of inspiration to the final stitch, we embrace sustainable practices at every stage of our fashion creation. We honor your gifts by sourcing materials responsibly, choosing eco-friendly fabrics that nourish rather than deplete your precious resources. With each garment we craft, we strive to leave behind a footprint of kindness, woven with love and care.

But our devotion to you, dear Mother Nature, extends beyond mere words and actions. At the heart of equalshuman beats a spirit of compassion and unity, a reminder to all of nature's children to be kind not only to one another but also to the very earth that sustains us. Through our art and fashion, we seek to awaken a deeper connection to the natural world, inspiring others to cherish and protect the beauty within and that which surrounds us. With each thread we weave and every color we blend, we pay homage to the boundless wonders of your creation, celebrating the harmony and diversity that defines our shared existence.

With infinite gratitude and unwavering devotion,
the equalshuman family

Aimee & Michael: A Dynamic Duo Redefining Wellness

Meet Aimee and Michael, a power couple at the forefront of the wellness and cannabis industries. Their journey is as inspiring as transformative, filled with resilience, dedication, and a passion for natural healing.

Spring Reimagined

Elevate your style with our exciting new clothing collection

We're thrilled to announce that EQH's much-anticipated Spring Collection is now available for purchase! The response from our community has been overwhelmingly positive, and we couldn't be happier with the excitement surrounding our latest designs. From vibrant patterns to sustainable fabrics, this collection embodies the spirit of the season and our commitment to creativity and sustainability.


100% Organic Cotton Cheesecloth
Available in XS - XL Size

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100% Organic Cotton Cheesecloth
Available in Adult XS - XL

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100% Organic Cotton Cheesecloth
Available in Adult XS - XL Sizes

See Sizes
Don't miss out!
Head over to our website today to explore the full collection and secure your favorites before they're gone!

NYC NFT recap

We're thrilled to give a shoutout to one of our own, licataBEAN, whose NFT art was recently featured in an exhibit at the NYC NFT 2024 event!

It's an incredible accomplishment, and we couldn't be prouder of their talent and creativity. As a valued member of the equalshuman family, licataBEAN continues to inspire us with their innovative approach to art and technology. Check out there IG to learn more.

🔥Fresh Drop🔥

This month's hottest drops!

Join us on Creator Corner as Dalia and Mary delve into the depths of their spiritual journeys, from childhood creativity to profound awakenings. Reflecting on their personal experiences, they explore the pivotal moments that led them to embark on this transformative path. From reclaiming self-love to delving into energy work and kundalini, they candidly discuss the significance of spirituality in their lives. Dive into insightful conversations on manifestation, co-creation, and unlearning generational patterns as they invite listeners to join them on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

The crew breaks down the Michigan Spring Game. We discuss who stood out on offense and defense. We look at the dicey special teams' play and how Michigan might need a kicker in the portal. We also analyze who will be QB1 in the fall: Alex, Davis, Jack, Big Jayden, Little Jayden, or a portal QB. We end by talking about how Michigan is more physical than Ohio State, even in their spring game approach, and will it foretell another Buckeye Beatdown by the Maize N Blue this fall? Tune in and enjoy!

sidezip sweatshirt

Super soft crew-neck fleece with ribbed bottom and 2 side zips. Loose, but form-fit shape with cut-out open back. High-back doteq logo in contrast white. Color Black.

All-gender, O/S A-C. 

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don't mess with me organic tee

100% organic cotton jersey knit cropped oversized tee - boxy fit with brass knuckles foil decoration in eco-friendly ink. Color faded black.


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Look ahead

a glimpse of what's ahead…

Upcoming Events

Here are some upcoming events that we'll be attending. Hope to see you there!

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Join George Monbiot as he discusses neoliberalism, an ideology that preys on every aspect of our lives.
Join London Drawing Group as we welcome back Jo Blaker for a beautiful class exploring the playful approaches we can take to landscape art
Museum of Modern Art: MOMA-NY - American Highlights Tour
Museum of Modern Art: MOMA-NY - American Highlights Tour. Hosted by Robert Kelleman - Washington, DC History and Culture.
Join LDG cofounder Luisa MacCormack for a special session drawing from her own practice exploring the weird, wild word of Botany!