Pinktober Promises: Sustainable Styles and Hopeful Hearts!

Pinktober Promises: Sustainable Styles and Hopeful Hearts!

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Custom fits straight from the runway

Experience fashion like never before with EQH. Our custom-tailored pieces are inspired by the runway and designed to embrace your unique style. From eco-friendly fabrics to gender-fluid designs, every garment is a masterpiece. Explore a world where fashion meets purpose, and step into creations that define you. Elevate your wardrobe with EQH today!

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This month's hottest drops!

In this insightful episode of "Creator Corner," we're joined by Obi Onyejekwe, a seasoned entrepreneur and product specialist. The interview delves deep into discussions on creativity, artificial intelligence, and Obi's extensive experience in the world of entrepreneurship. As the current CEO of UNOMI, a pioneering software company revolutionizing animation production, Obi shares his vision to significantly reduce both time and budget. Tune in to discover Obi's journey, his perspectives on the intersection of creativity and AI, and his role in shaping the future of animation.

The crew breaks down week 7 but through the lens of how the CFP would organize the top teams. Before the committee actually meets, get a preview of their process and see which teams have a shot at the CFP Championship!

Created for the charity Thanksgiving in Harlem, eqh made an eco friendly one size fits all (adult sizing) socks with black and white stripes on top with the words equalshuman printed on front. 80% organic cotton, 18% RPET 2%elastic. Everyone needs socks so we made them eco friendly and when you buy…

Created for the charity Thanksgiving in Harlem, eqh made eco-friendly one-size-fits (adult sizing) socks with black and white stripes on top with the words equalshuman printed on the front. 80% organic cotton, 18% RPET 2%elastic. Everyone needs socks so we made them eco-friendly and when you buy a pair, a pair is donated to our charity Thanksgiving in Harlem.

Apple Leather and Recycled Gold

October unveils a world of artistic partnerships and innovative designs. Mansur Gavriel and Apparis join hands to unveil a captivating capsule of sustainable vegan fur coats and matching bucket bags, all crafted from apple leather. Meanwhile, the eminent Sofia Coppola teams up with Catbird to commemorate her wine brand's 25th anniversary with a collection of vino-inspired charms, fashioned from 14K recycled gold. Discover more fascinating collaborations like these in our array of articles celebrating the fusion of art, style, and sustainability. Explore further to dive into these captivating creative unions!

New Arrivals

Ahead of the imminent holiday season, Hill House is offering up a full collection of festive (and comfortable) pieces to wear this winter—and they’re just as perfect for those holiday parties as they are for those cozy moments at home. From glitter tulle dusters, tartan Nap Dresses, and jewel-toned lace separates to knitwear and puffer jackets, there’s something for every social commitment on your calendar. Did we mention there are matching shoes?

Open Road 6X “Raygular” Edition
Developed in partnership with Justin Theroux and Carlos Quirarte, cofounders of Ray’s NYC, the Open Road 6X “Raygular” Edition updates our iconic crossover style in Silverbelly with an exclusive “Raygular” pin and custom liner. Like all Open Roads, this one is handcrafted in the U.S.A., but unlike o…

In what’s perhaps the most fitting collaboration ever, Stetson has linked up with Ray’s, the divey, western-inspired Lower East Side watering hole co-owned by Justin Theroux and Carlos Quirarte, on a limited-edition hat that riffs on the brand’s signature Open Road 6x design. Appropriately dubbed the “Raygular” Edition, each hat in the classic silverbelly color features a “Raygular” pin that will earn you a free beer and a shot every time you wear it to their bar. For the two friends and business partners, the inspiration was wholesome: “Just our love of hats,” Quirarte tells, before cheekily adding, “But also the idea that, if Justin were actually his character from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, this is the hat he would wear.” Consider this your Post-it note reminder to grab this exclusive drop before it’s gone.

New Designer Bags | Italian Leather Bags, Purses & Clutches | Mansur Gavriel
Our new arrivals collection has a wide variety of soft totes, candy bags, clutches, shoes & more. Shop the New York designer bags new arrivals collection only at Mansur Gavriel.

Colorful, comfortable, and, most importantly, sustainable, Mansur Gavriel’s new collaboration with Apparis is ideal for fall outings—especially apple picking. Turns out, the limited-edition line of vegan fur coats and matching bucket bags are made from apple leather.

Pave Flora 18k White Diamond Collection - Bernard James Fine Jewelry
Handcrafted from an array of pave-set natural, VS-quality, white diamonds in a 18k white gold setting, Pave Flora is an extension of our popular Flora collection. Discover the beautiful juxtaposition of nature’s softness and the brilliance of white diamonds. Designed in NYC | Free shipping on all or…

Diamonds and flowers make a great pair, so why not combine them? For his latest collection, jeweler Bernard James rendered his signature Flora pieces in diamond encrusted 18-karat white gold. There’s even a rose stem ring, Spina, for a little extra edge.

Supporting our Local Communities

Join Us for a Heartfelt Thanksgiving Celebration!

As we gear up for the season of gratitude, we’re excited to extend a warm invitation to our Thanksgiving gathering in the heart of Harlem. It’s a special time for us to come together, express thanks, and create cherished memories with friends and family.

Nov 23, 2023 at 10am | 125th + Park n/w corner

Your presence would mean the world to us. Whether you’ve been part of our circle for years or you’re a new addition, you’re more than welcome to join in the festivities.

To help us plan accordingly, please RSVP by filling out this form or by responding to this email.

We can’t wait to share this special day with you and create lasting memories together. Let’s embrace the spirit of gratitude right here in the heart of Harlem!

Warm wishes,

Jess & Al

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Some essentials reads on a matter that affects us all

Embracing the power of pink, our Breast Cancer Awareness segment sheds light on stories of strength, resilience, and hope. Dive into insightful articles that highlight the journeys of survivors, breakthroughs in treatment, and the importance of early detection. Together, we stand united in the fight against breast cancer, spreading awareness and igniting hope in every heart.

Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month Through Physical Exam Knowledge
Each fall, Breast Cancer Awareness Month aims to promote education about the disease that impacts roughly one in eight women. In this post, we’ve outlined useful information and key resources to help physicians identify signs of breast cancer and other abnormalities at the patient bedside.

his article focuses on the role of physical exam skills in detecting breast cancer and other abnormalities. It offers useful information and key resources for physicians to perform breast exams at the patient's bedside.

12 Meaningful Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ideas
Most money raised for breast cancer goes to awareness, not people who have it. You can change that with these breast cancer awareness month ideas.

This article suggests 12 actionable things you can do during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, such as donating to a breast cancer charity, volunteering for a local event, wearing pink, sharing your story, educating yourself and others, and more.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month | Susan G. Komen
October is National Breast Cancer Month. A time annually devoted to educating and early detection of breast cancer.

This article highlights the importance of early detection, prevention, and research for breast cancer. It also encourages people to take action for themselves and others, such as knowing their risk, getting screened, making healthy lifestyle choices, and supporting Susan G. Komen’s mission to end breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023
Breast Cancer Awareness Month, held each year in October, is designed to improve support and screening for the disease. Here’s what you need to know.

This article provides an overview of the history, purpose, and activities of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It also explains the significance of the pink ribbon, Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, and Men’s Breast Cancer Awareness Week.

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Culture Nights: Queer Methods with Carrie Shanafelt | 10times
Check out who is attending ✭ exhibiting ✭ speaking ✭ schedule & agenda ✭ reviews ✭ timing ✭ entry ticket fees. 2023 edition of Culture Nights: Queer Methods with Carrie Shanafelt will be held at Online starting on 01st November. It is a 1 day event organised by Indiana University and will conclude o…

In this event, Carrie Shanafelt from Yeshiva University will present "Jeremy Bentham's Queer Enlightenment." This event will take place on November 1, 2023

GitHub Universe
Save the date for our global developer event focused on improving efficiency, security, and developer productivity.

 This is a hybrid event that will bring together developers, creators, and innovators from around the world. You can join this event virtually and experience two full days of live-streamed main-stage content, plus exclusive access to over 50 on-demand sessions. The event will take place from November 8 to 9, 2023

WomenHack - Events
Events that empower Join one of our invite-only events focused on connecting top female engineers, designers, and product managers with opportunities at diversity first companies. Apply for Invite For Employers Meet up to 20 companies in 2 hours Our event nights are kicked off with diversity talks,…

This is a virtual event that connects talented women developers with top tech companies in Vancouver. You will get to showcase your skills, network with recruiters, and learn about career opportunities. This event will take place on November 30, 2023

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